The real life story of David versus Goliath or in this case Leslie versus the United States government. The American dream may be lost if you don't help now!

I stand with Robert Leslie Stencil





Leslie deserves to be free. A once proud American lost his freedom when he chose to enter the energy sector and open his own business. This proved to be a daunting task from the beginning. This is not the end, its the beginning of his freedom to return a hero to his country.

By donating to his cause, you are assisting Leslie to secure a much needed attorney, housing to begin a stable, healthy life where he can restart in the business of giving Americans the affordable energy that they need for their families and their best lives. Your donation goes directly to Attorneys fees, rent and food and clothing and be able to move back to his home state California.

He has a chance to clear his name, as Leslie did not pled guilty, he fought in court even after the fed took away all possibilities to receive money to hire a private attorney. He has filed a 2255 and needs a 1983 attorney now.

The following story is about my younger brother Robert Leslie Stencil “Leslie”.

We grew up in a family of six, he is the second oldest under me followed by my sister and three younger brothers.

“Les” is a loving husband and father and loves God with all his heart and one of the true American “Patriots”. As a child, he always had a kind spirit within him, caring and loving. He always puts his family and friends first. I admired his tenacity to accomplish every goal he set himself to. He worked as a paperboy when he was young and out of the money he earned he bought his first Schwinn Bike.

He never got into trouble, he was very well liked growing up and always had a job. “Les” worked hard and demonstrated his love for the less fortunate and gave of his money to those who were in need, and as he grew he sought out mentors because we did not come from an educated family, though my father worked hard to meet our family’s needs and became a business owner later in life. “Les” followed in those steps and worked hard to build something better, something that would be here for generations to come, something that will change a culture.

He is a good man and values the people that have helped him and has a heart for the less fortunate and has given to me as often as he was able in the past.

Robert Leslie Stencil demonstrated a huge amount of courage coming to me for help. That’s why I’m speaking out on his behalf.

He was caught up in a situation caused by others at the highest level.

He did not initially come forward because he was scared of the response, and he was right to be scared. When he found out that he was indicted, the courage rose up within him and he went and turned himself in.

This is all really expensive and he needs our help. We need to protect the voices of brave people who speak out - especially when they are part of our community.

Leslie is the kind of person that will give you the shirt off of his own back and his last dollar if you needed it. He has spent 5 years, 18 hours a day to implement his vision of a natural gas conversion company that would convert Gasoline vehicles to run on natural gas and an up-and-coming Liquid Natural Gas export company, that once built, will fund out of its own profits the placement of 5,000 natural gas stations across the United States for the American people to have a cheaper alternative fuel at a lower cost than Gasoline or Diesel and would not be paid for by Tax payers.

He completed every possible document needed at that time to start the permit process of the project including a funding agreement to build the facility and endorsements from governing bodies and all powers that be. As well as the land to build the facility.

The company he founded hired marketers to legally raise capital to do all the startup work back in 2012, unbnounced to my brother several of the new men hired by the company in 2015 were in trouble for wrong doing in a totally different matter, and when my brother’s company’s attorney found out in that same instance that these marketers were making unauthorized misrepresentation on their own accord of the company which further victimizing my brother his family and the company.

The moment my brother found out about what was being done by the marketers, my brother worked with his corporate attorney and crafted a letter and he fired all of those that were involved. They later found out that the marketers that were in trouble, were indicted and the Feds put by brothers name and later his wife’s name in the same indictment in order to get my brother to make a plea. And he did not make a plea of guilty he made a plea of innocent.

Albeit, the Left-wing smear machine started, but he is receiving serious threats against himself. They severely impaired his and his wife’s ability to work, and now does not have the resources to defend him- self or afford health insurance or to maintain the household bills and pay the hospital expenses. Or attorneys fees.

We may be speculating but maybe on the other hand it goes even deeper, you decide:

Could the top brass be trying to stop his project because “Les” is not one of their favorites. As his project is sandwiched between the two biggest companies in oil and gas sector in the world ExxonMobil and Cheniere Energy. On the Sabine neches River between Cameron parish and Sabine pass.

We have all heard that the government picks the winners and the losers, and “Leslie” has spoken out about the corruption at the top. And siting one of these big projects does not cost as much as the big companies say it does, we have all herd of the $400 hammer. And just because they don’t know him and he is not as educated as they think he should be.

He needs our help to pay legal representation and to be able to pay the ongoing costs of defending ones freedom and his livelihood and a project that will benefit all American people by giving a cheap alternative fuel (natural gas) to the American people as a transportation fuel.

My Brothers Company was built to help the poor and less fortunate. Built to give God all the glory.

I am his beloved Brother and mentor and friend. This fundraiser is sponsored by his family and friends.

He is truly grateful for your support! And for being the Champion of the “Little Guy”. If you know someone that can help, please share this with them.

Let’s all come together because with good counsel both can prove that no wrong doing ever took place and his legacy to give something back to his fellow Americans will not be taken away.

Please help Leslie beat Goliath!

Please note that all funds will go to Leslie and his family, they will take the funds directly. Any additional funds not used to support his defense and the ongoing costs will be used to start a foundation to help people that have been unjustly accused of crime they did not commit.

Also to help stop the double standers that exist in DC.

If we do not all come together and stop the government from forcing the little guy out and dashing his dreams in favor of one of their favorite companies, those that buy their way in, the American dream will be lost forever.

Below are some links that shows what Mr.Stencil was building, these projects are for the American people. A legacy for the American people, and his family.

And by all means, please help leslie, the government has scared his family away, he has lost his wife and all of his positions. And if you can help, he needs your help more than ever right now!

If you are a constitutional 1983 attorney he needs you right now because the judge by order is trying to cover this case up.

If you are a senator or a congressman, this project puts 100 compressed natural gas stations in your state and carbon capture units. Job creation

And if you have time to flood your local Representatives Office phone number, tell them to set Leslie free, also call the Charlotte Mecklenburg Federal Clerk of Courts and demand they set Leslie free!

If you are a writer or an editor or an organizer please get a hold of us, we could use your help!

And if all you can do is donate a one-time gift or if you can donate and give monthly support, and help Leslie bring in cheap Natural Gas as your transportation Fuel and help set him free. Please by all means donate