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Leslie's organizers want to thank all those who participated in helping put this project together. What the federal government did is absolutely wrong, and he's asking all of you for your help. Leslie believes his confrontation with the federal government began when he alerted his C-level management, along with consultants contracted to General American LNG, that the 15% tax the government claimed was sufficient was unfair. He argued for a 35% tax rate, stating that even at that rate, there would still be plenty of money for the investors and shareholders of those large companies. Leslie also criticized government subsidies for projects like electric vehicles and charging stations, which burdened taxpayers who didn't even own stock in those companies but paid the upfront costs. Leslie's outspokenness led the government to falsely brand him as corrupt, while he saw them as the true thieves, exploiting the people of the United States through corporate welfare at the taxpayers' expense. This ordeal taught Leslie a harsh lesson: never outshine the master, especially the Federal government, or risk being silenced and imprisoned. Leslie believes the government's true motive was to maintain control and silence dissent. Despite his efforts to promote "The Stencil Plan," which involves scaling natural gas as a fourth transportation fuel, the government's alliance with the Chinese Communist Party for materials in the electric vehicle industry and the birth of the Green New Deal illustrated the consequences of challenging the status quo. In essence, the government cloned or stole Leslie's plan and decided to make the American taxpayer pay for it. That's why they put Mr. Stencil into prison. Leslie needs all of our help!


Only in America could something like this happen?

Obama and Biden have stolen two shovel-ready projects worth over $575 billion in benefits to the American people in the United States transportation sector.
The following story is being released by people who know Robert Leslie Stencil and are familiar with the matter.

Former CEO of General American LNG and Niyato Industries Inc., who for four and a half years worked tirelessly preparing this project proposal with the potential to create over 244,000 new jobs paid by federal taxes generated from liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports and domestically sold compressed natural gas (CNG). His work consisted of consulting with the brightest minds in the natural gas industry and creating a spiritually inspired, efficient design proposal for providing an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to existing transportation fuels. His proposal was shut down by the biggest bully in the world, the US government, immediately resulting in his being stripped of his freedom and denied his basic constitutional rights in a political and judicial conspiracy to suppress it.

Mr. Stencil now beseeches the American people to rally together and join him in his fight against this social injustice and asks for your financial support to hire a competent law firm to appeal his conviction and sue the government for the violation of his constitutional rights, thus clearing his name and allowing the resumption of his energy project.

Mr. Stencil’s General American LNG (GALNG) proposes to construct two natural gas to liquid facilities, one in Corpus Christi, Texas, and the other in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, with production capacities of 8 million and 4 million tons per year of LNG, respectively. For export to free-trade and non-free-trade countries under a 20-year renewable Department of Energy (DOE) "export permit" worth upward of 575 billion dollars. Part of the profit from the sales of LNG will go to Niyato Industries, Inc. With that money, these companies will install, over a 10-year period, 5,000 standalone modularly constructed CNG stations on existing gas station properties throughout the United States. Also outfit new light-fleet gaseous-fuel prep vehicles with approved EPA and CARB CNG kits at no additional cost to vehicle owners. With absolutely no taxpayer subsidies to build these projects

In 2012, Mr. Stencil and his wife Ludmila delivered their proposal package, "How to Scale Natural Gas Up as the Fourth Alternative Transportation Fuel for the United States of America." To President Obama and Vice President Biden at DNC headquarters in Washington, D.C.

In 2015, GALNG received a letter of no objection from the Cameron Parish Police Jury in Louisiana, completing its prerequisite prior to state and federal permit authorization for the LNG project and final redline approval from the Department of Energy (Doe). In response to the perceived threat of the project to their financial interests, the government, “Obama's DOJ thugs”, disrupted the project, deeming it non-existent and a fraud scheme, as they proceeded to seize $413,000 in funds from the corporate account and two CNG-converted Ford Trucks developed and used by Niyato for demonstration purposes and the sale of company products. These vehicles disappeared that day, never to be seen again, nor were they allowed into evidence at trial.

During Mr. Stencil’s federal trial, the DOJ produced much fake news to slander his good name and hide critical evidence in the discovery. Judge Cogburn Jr. of Asheville, Mark Heath, postal inspector of Charlotte, N.C., and prosecutors William Bowen Jr. of Washington, D.C., and Christopher Fenton of Charlotte, NC, all held back critical evidence that would have proved his innocence, not leading to a conviction. Why?  Mr. Stencil believes it’s because it is not the Green New Deal. AKA, the inflation reduction act. Because convictions equal bigger paychecks. Setting innocent people free does not get you a raise. Mr. Stencil declares that the judges tried him as a sweepstakes scammer to evade the conflict-of-interest rules, which prohibit them from taking official action in any particular matter involving any entity in which they have a conflicting financial interest. All of them owned oil and gas stocks. Cogburn Jr., Judge Keegan, and Judge Thacker.

Mr. Stencil's proposal saves the American people trillions of dollars without breaking the backs of taxpayers. The company’s proposal is natural gas, which has a 15% lower CO2 emission than gasoline and is more than 30% cheaper per gallon than gasoline at the pump. Natural gas is not the end, but rather a steppingstone to a more sustainable, greener future. To offset carbon emissions, the company will invest billions of dollars in carbon capture, which will make this project mathane and carbon neutral.

Mr. Stencil is innocent; his life (family, friends, and possessions) and livelihood were all unlawfully taken away from him. He desperately needs financial help to get counsel to clear his name and put these projects back on track. He was one of the first in the country to be canceled by the federal government.

Those interested in supporting his cause can contact us for a copy of the conclusion of the fourth circuit court of appeals ruling and the Supreme Court filing prepared by attorney Joseph B. Gilbert, a Notre Dame graduate hired by the federal government to review the case to see if the government erred in their judgment.

After combing through 4,800 pages of the transcript, he concluded that after 16 days of trial, the government ruled incorrectly in its claim that the businesses were fraudulent and that the DOJ, the prosecution, and the judges violated Mr. Stencils constitutional rights to a fair trial. In the Supreme Court filing, he showed how Mr. Stencil’s rights were violated in five different ways and how the courts conspired to put him in prison.

Mr. Stencil prays that you will all come together and help overturn his conviction. He has one last chance to challenge his conviction by filing a 2255 motion and subsequent filings, since the judge made an order on the 2255 motion and said Mr. Stencil couldn't come back to court. Just another lie by the judge! All this shows the ineffective assistance of counsel by his first attorneys and how inept the judicial system is. Mr. Stencil declares that after his assets were seized, he was unable to pay for his defense, and the attorneys appointed by the court proved ineffective in refusing to listen to anything he had to say during the trial, telling him that they were going to try his case their way, essentially instructing him to shut up and sit there while they wasted hard-earned taxpayers’ dollars.

Help Mr. Stencil stop this tyrannical government from stealing the people's right to lower fuel prices and reducing CO2 emissions by using natural gas, the fourth transportation alternative, in favor of the Green New Deal, which is not a deal but another fleecing of the American people. Mr. Stencil declares God heard your prayers, and he asked Mr. Stencil and a team of godly men to put this project together for you. He knows you are struggling.
Thinking of ways you can help? If you are a pro bono constitutional rights attorney and have experience in this area, please contact me. If you're interested in taking on the case, Mr. Stencil is willing to give up 50% of the court's winnings. He expects that to be 26 billion.

If you can support him by donating your time and resources, please do so.

If you can recommend a good constitutional attorney or know anyone in the Senate or Congress, please call them on Mr. Stencils behalf. If you know anyone in mass media, such as a columnist, editor, or writer, please contact us, as we need to get this story out. Please feel free to share this post with everyone. If all you can do is pray, please pray hard that I find the help that is needed.

If we do not come together and stop the government from forcing the little guy out and dashing his dreams, the American dream will be lost forever.
The question remains: does Mr. Stencil have the right to build a 100% Christian company where the majority of the profits will go to doing God’s work, or do we let the government dictate and coerce people into being secular? We have attempted to get a hold of you and need your help, Mike Farris, Pres., and Kristen Waggoner at Alliance Defending Freedom and 1st Liberty, Liberty Council. Will one of you please stand with your Christian brother?

All documentation, such as court transcripts and appellate briefs, is available upon request. This is Mr. Stencils opportunity to exercise his constitutional right to free speech by telling his story to the American  people.This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me, God.




Leslie is resolute in clearing his name and wants the truth to shine. The government's claim of him stealing millions is a blatant falsehood. He vehemently asserts that every dollar raised by the company is meticulously documented, as evidenced by both company tax returns and SEC filings. There's not a hint of wrongdoing in sight! This is a stark reminder that we need a fair system where big corporations contribute their fair share - Leslie advocates for a 34% tax rate, not the paltry 15% proposed by the current Administration. He points out the issue of taxpayers subsidizing these mammoth projects while receiving no stake in the companies they funded. It's time for change. Leslie is a champion for the hardworking, everyday Americans who toil relentlessly, sometimes holding down multiple jobs to make ends meet. Instead of reaping the benefits, they were left empty-handed as Leslie faced cancellation and imprisonment. But we can reverse this injustice together. If you have a connection to a congressman, a senator, or a constitutional attorney, reach out to them. Share this message, and let's unite to help Leslie regain his freedom and restore these projects for the American people. It's time for action. #JusticeForLeslie

The Past

Leslie wants everybody to know that he found the Smoking Gun in this case. Three of the federal judges, according to the ethics rules, should have recused themselves as all owned oil and gas stocks in their personal portfolios. This includes anti-oil and gas stocks Judge Keegan, Judge Stacker, and Judge Cogburn Jr. But instead of recusing themselves, they charged him as a sweepstakes scam or, instead, skirted the ethics rules, which is against the law.

The Past

Leslie wants everybody to know that he found the Smoking Gun in this case. Three of the federal judges, according to the ethics rules, should have recused themselves as all owned oil and gas stocks in their personal portfolios. This includes anti-oil and gas stocks Judge Keegan, Judge Stacker, and Judge Cogburn Jr. But instead of recusing themselves, they charged him as a sweepstakes scam or, instead, skirted the ethics rules, which is against the law.

The Present

Leslie is currently looking for a 1983 constitutional procedural damage lawsuit attorney, big enough to take on the federal government for defamation of character and losses due to delays in the tens of billions of dollars. He is willing to give up to 50% of the winnings and has all the exculpatory evidence and evidence of the smoking gun

The Future

Leslie believes in his heart, and he also believes in his father above. He was not building these projects to try to become rich; he was doing it because he wanted to leave something for his family and leave a legacy for the American people. He loves everyone with all of his heart

And Beyond

Once these projects are up and running, Leslie and his team of people plan to build LNG receiving terminals all over the world, with carbon capture units wherever they are needed, making this project methane and carbon-neutral and being good custodians of our planet Earth

This is an LNG carrier it holds approximately +/- 170,000m³ of liquid natural gas.

Natural gas is transported on specially designed ships as liquefied natural gas (LNG). LNG is natural gas that is cooled to -260° Fahrenheit, the temperature at which natural gas becomes a liquid. The volume of the liquid is 600 times smaller than the gaseous form.

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