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Pineville, North Carolina – September 5th, 2023

In a world filled with stories of resilience and determination, Ludmila Okseichuk Stencil's journey stands out as a testament to the indomitable spirit of an All-American girl. Ludmila's story is one of extraordinary suppression and triumphant resilience.

Born in Ukraine in September 1970 to Yuri and Lydia Okseichuk, Ludmila faced adversity from a young age. She battled a severe ovarian infection at the tender age of three, enduring a solitary hospital visit, as was the norm in her homeland. Against all odds, her dedicated doctor saved one of her ovaries, defying grim predictions of infertility.

Tragedy struck again when Ludmila lost her beloved father, Yuri, to radiation poisoning or cancer when she was just ten years old. Yuri had been a diligent manager, ensuring the proper functioning of corporate buildings. Meanwhile, Lydia tirelessly supported her husband's education, striving to uplift their family's social and economic status. This resilience and determination would become Ludmila's inheritance.

Ludmila excelled in her studies, maintaining a perfect grade average throughout her education. She earned master's degrees in both the English language and business, demonstrating her organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail.

At the age of 19, Ludmila embarked on a daring journey to America, armed with only $300 and a ticket won in a lottery. Her arrival in Wisconsin marked the beginning of an arduous path, but fate had remarkable plans for her. Ludmila's perseverance led her to higher education and, ultimately, a green card and citizenship.

As her life in America unfolded, Ludmila experienced both joy and heartbreak. She found love, married, and became a mother despite earlier predictions of infertility. Tragically, her first husband's life was cut short, leaving her a single mother.

Ludmila's journey brought her to Charlotte, North Carolina, where she played a crucial role as the Program Director at Sister Cities, a non-profit organization dedicated to diplomacy. Her efforts connected foreign dignitaries with American business leaders, fostering international relations.

Yet, it was at a gas station where destiny intervened once more. Ludmila met Robert Leslie Stencil, a man with a vision and a heart of gold. Together, they faced challenges head-on.

In 2008, adversity struck again as the market collapsed, leading to Leslie's Construction company filing for bankruptcy. However, Leslie's resilience was unwavering. He founded a Cutting Edge Alternative Energy company, inspired by Ludmila's determination. Founding Niyato Industries and General American LNG. Leslie's unwavering support was a testament to their deep love and shared commitment to making a difference.

Their story took an unexpected turn when the Department of Justice falsely accused them of wrongdoing. Luda and Leslie chose to fight for their innocence, a journey marked by a 16-day trial that resulted in Luda's acquittal and Leslie's wrongful conviction.

It's a stark reminder that justice isn't always served, especially when one hasn't yet navigated the complex corridors of power in Washington, D.C. The dark shadow of false information cast by the government now looms over Luda as she fights to just survive.

Leslie's vision was to provide affordable alternative fuel, natural gas, to the American people. Luda's suffering is an injustice to her all-American spirit and dedication as a diplomat.

Don't be quick to judge, especially when Luda and Leslie faced their accusers head-on in Washington, D.C., armed with proof of their innocence. Not everyone accused is guilty, and their story is a testament to that truth.

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 Charlotte, North Carolina - September 5th, 2023

Champion of Clean Energy and Constitutional Rights, Robert Leslie Stencil, Fights Back Against Government Suppression and Injustice.

In a shocking turn of events, renowned CEO and energy visionary, Robert Leslie Stencil, unveils a harrowing tale of government suppression and conspiracy, as he seeks justice and the revival of groundbreaking clean energy projects worth over $575 billion dollars in the transportation sector.

Mr. Stencil, former CEO of Niyato Industries Inc. and General American LNG, calls upon the American people to unite in the fight against social injustice. Stripped of his freedom and basic constitutional rights, Stencil's compelling story unfolds as he challenges a political and judicial plot to thwart his visionary projects aimed at providing an affordable and eco-friendly alternative transportation fuel source, without burdening taxpayers.

This remarkable initiative, which could have generated a staggering 244,000 new jobs, sought to harness the power of liquid natural gas (LNG) exports and compressed natural gas (CNG) within the United States. General American LNG, under Stencil's leadership, planned to construct state-of-the-art natural gas to liquid facilities in Texas and Louisiana, exporting to both free-trade and non-free trade countries. Simultaneously, Niyato Industries, Inc. aimed to establish 5,000 pre-fabricated CNG stations across the nation, catalyzing a clean energy revolution.

Stencil's dedication was undeniable, his proposal possessing the potential to revolutionize the transportation industry while preserving the environment. However, despite his efforts to present this transformative vision to then President Obama and Vice President Biden, the government chose to overlook Stencil's pioneering endeavor, favoring preconceived notions surrounding the Green New Deal.

In a stunning series of events, the government seized assets and smeared Stencil's reputation, leading to his unjust conviction. But hope remains, as the American people are urged to stand with Stencil to overturn this injustice, reinstate his projects, and champion cleaner, more affordable energy solutions.

Through tireless research, Stencil's vision promises 15% lower CO2 emissions than gasoline and a remarkable 30% cost savings per gallon at the pump. The proposal underscores a commitment to a greener future, with significant investments in carbon capture to achieve carbon neutrality.

Mr. Stencil is issuing a passionate plea for support:

Legal experts in constitutional rights are urged to come forward, offering pro bono assistance to rectify this grave miscarriage of justice.

Financial contributions are pivotal in rallying behind Stencil's fight to restore his projects and clear his name.

Advocacy from senators, congressmen, and media outlets can amplify Stencil's quest for justice and shed light on government overreach.

The American dream teeters on the brink, as Robert Leslie Stencil's heartrending saga reveals a struggle against suppression, injustice, and the preservation of a vision that can uplift the nation and safeguard its future. Join forces with Mr. Stencil to champion clean energy, constitutional rights, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

For more information and to contribute to Mr. Stencil's cause, please visit:

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Charlotte, North Carolina July 27 2023
Robert Leslie Stencil CEO Niyato Industries and General American LNG says He is Not Guilty and He's in A Fight for Justice and Freedom

In a stunning turn of events, the story of Leslie Stencil, an ordinary man caught in a web of deceit and corruption, has come to light, exposing the dark underbelly of the judicial system and the insidious influence of money and power. At the center of this harrowing tale is Judge Cochran Jr., a millionaire oil and gas mogul tycoon who has shamelessly violated ethical rules to serve his personal greed and increase his own stock worth.

The magnitude of Judge Cochran Jr.'s transgressions becomes clear as Leslie Stencil, a man with unwavering determination, declares, "I have found the smoking gun!" It appears that the prosecution, backed by three federal judges - Judge Cogburn, Thacker, and Keegan of the Fourth Circuit of Appeals - chose to bury crucial evidence, deliberately flouting the Brady rule, all in the pursuit of more profits.

Unveiling the truth behind this shocking misconduct, evidence shows that these judges, in direct violation of the ethics code established in 1974, held financial interests that should have mandated their recusal from the cases they presided over. Astonishingly, their portfolios consisted of oil and gas stocks and anti-oil and gas stocks, creating an undeniable conflict of interest that compromised the integrity of the justice system.

To conceal their wrongdoing and avoid recusal, Leslie Stencil was unjustly tried as a sweepstakes scammer, a calculated move designed to sidestep disclosure and accountability. Stencil firmly believes that this gross injustice was orchestrated from the highest echelons of power because he refused to engage in the pay-to-play game in Washington, D.C. His visionary plan to build a God-inspired liquid natural gas export facility in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, threatened the status quo, resulting in his cancellation and wrongful imprisonment.

But Stencil's fight for justice encompasses more than personal vindication. He champions the cause of paying his fair share of taxes, a principled stance often unheard of in the corridors of power. Stencil boldly refutes the exorbitant claim that the preparation work for his project cost $150 million, revealing that he managed everything except the plant's build-out for a mere $2.7 million. Unfortunately, this narrative clashed with the prevailing norms of Washington, D.C., where big companies thrive on corporate welfare, sucking the federal tit while ordinary citizens foot the bill.

Leslie's audacious vision of helping the American people with lower fuel prices by leveraging the revenue from liquid natural gas exports and creating 5,000 compressed natural gas stations across the nation was met with scorn and resistance from the powers that be. Their modus operandi relies on taxpayer subsidies to prop up big projects, especially those belonging to nascent industries. Anyone daring to challenge this corrupt system becomes the target of character assassination, false narratives, and relentless persecution by the Department of Justice.

It is a grave and disheartening revelation when a multimillionaire judge, Cogburn, masquerades as a servant of justice, leading an entourage of henchmen who exploit the naivety of the public to secure their sinister objectives. Leslie Stencil bears witness to a shocking betrayal of the oath sworn by those entrusted with upholding justice. But he urges everyone to follow the links provided, review the evidence, and decide for themselves.

Tragically, the repercussions of Leslie Stencil's noble fight for truth and justice have been devastating. His family has been torn apart, his possessions seized, and his spirit tested. In this desperate hour, he calls upon the collective support of all those who value justice and fairness. If you are a constitutional 1983 attorney, he implores you to join his cause and stand up against the relentless cover-up orchestrated by the judge.

For senators, congressional representatives, and all those in positions of power, Leslie's project promises the creation of 100 compressed natural gas stations and carbon capture units in every state, a comprehensive job creation package with far-reaching benefits. Flood your local representatives' offices, demand Leslie's freedom, and expose the corruption that has held him captive.

Writers, editors, organizers, and columnists, your voices are needed now more than ever. Spread the word, shed light on Leslie Stencil's plight, and rally support for his cause.

For those who can contribute financially, whether through a one-time donation or monthly support, your generosity will aid Leslie in bringing cheap natural gas to the people and help secure his freedom. Please visit the provided links to donate to the Leslie Stencil Defense Fund.

This story is a call to action, rooted in the fundamental principles enshrined in the United States Constitution. It affirms the right to exercise religion freely, the freedom of speech and the press, the people's right to peaceful assembly, and the power to petition the government for redress of grievances.

Let it be known that the sponsors and organizers of the Leslie Stencil Defense Fund and the contents of this press release bear sole responsibility for its content. Together, let us unite to expose the truth, restore justice, and free Leslie Stencil from the clutches of corruption.